Monday, March 27, 2017

"Hello Lovely" Scrapbook Club Projects

Check out the NINE cute items my March scrapbook club members are creating this month.  All created with the "Hello Lovely" Workshops Your Way kit and a few additional supplies.  It's always so easy to create gorgeous artwork when you start with a full bag of supplies that match.  I love that!  I made all these and still had a lot of supplies left over.  I'm totally addicted to all of the Close To My Heart workshop kits!

You can buy this workshop kit on my website by clicking HERE!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I LOVE a good clearance sale!

Ok...STOP what you are doing and click THIS LINK to go to the clearance/sale section of my website.  There are crafting products starting at $1.00




Get on it!  ha ha!

I bought 10 black and white striped mini albums today.  They were only $3 each and will be AWESOME graduation gifts in three months.  Since they are a neutral color, you can wrap a ribbon around the front cover in the grad's school colors, buy a 10-pack of mini 4x4 page protectors to go inside, and you just spent a whopping $6.95.  Are we serious?  LOL!  Or go the extra mile if it's for someone close to you, and print 4x6 size photos of them, their senior year, or whatever you'd like, and trim off 2" to turn it into a 4x4 photo and tuck it in the protector.  They'll have a mini album ready to go.  Seriously so cute.  So easy.  And so affordable.

Don't wait - clearance items often sell out quickly, so go check it out and grab what looks good before it's gone.

p.s.  During checkout, if you attach your order to my open order titled "Free Complements", you'll be entered into a drawing for free stickers and embellishments this month!

Thanks for your friendship and business, and happy crafting!


Oh hey...wanna earn money CRAFTING?

Yes, the title of this is accurate!  You CAN earn money sharing awesome crafting supplies from Close To My Heart...scrapbooking, stamping, cardmaking, you name it.  We are a great resource.

The month of February is an exciting one!  This month, when you sign up as a consultant, you get a $50+ bonus in the form of three FREE stamp sets...the February, March, and April SOM sets come in your waiting until the month they're featured to buy them with your order.  Get them free right now.  #lovethat

The kit is only $75 and includes products and supplies to get you started, PLUS a $50 product credit so you can shop for more fun things that YOU want.  Plus the three free SOM sets as this month's bonus.  I don't do math...I I don't know exactly what all those savings adds up to, but the kit is a steal and an awesome investment in yourself and your future income with CTMH.  LOL!

*Former consultants:  If you are a former consultant and would like to come back, there's NO waiting!  You can choose a 'no-kit' option for $50 instead of the full product kit for $75.  No kit ships, instead you just get the $50 product credit applied to your account, and they'll send you the three free stamp sets.  The $75 kit is a much better deal in my opinion, because of the goodies you get, but you do have a choice.

So come on back - I'd love to have you.  :)

Click here to check out some consultant info!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January Scrapbook Club "Just To Say" Card Kit

This month I'm changing it up for my club members!  Instead of making scrapbook pages, we are making ONLY cards!  This is from a super cute card kit called "Just to Say" that we ordered last month while it was still available.  Although it's now no longer available for purchase, the idea and assembly is cute and easy. We made the cards the same as the pattern with minor changes, and we swapped out the Color Of The Year "Sea Glass" cardstock with our beautiful Sea Glass Glitter paper.  I LOVE glitter paper and this color is even more beautiful in person. 

Check it out on my website at  Just click the search icon/magnifying glass and type in GLITTER and you'll see everything in our product line with glitter, including this gorgeous glitter paper.  :)

December Scrapbook Club "Oh Deer!"

These layouts were SO fun and SO easy, especially with the addition of the Picture My Life cards included in the kit.  They are super easy to use and really versatile for titles, accents, card fronts, journaling blocks, and more.  And every paper pack and workshop kit comes with TWO full sheets.  Watch out...I might be addicted to these!  LOL

November Scrapbook Club "City SIdewalks"

We all love Christmas, right?  This paper was SO much fun to create with - and even more because it contained both traditional and trendy holiday looks. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October Scrapbook Club "Swan Lake"

(Links to all supplies used in this post are featured at the bottom of the layout - will take you directly to my site where you can click and add them to your cart).

Love Love LOVING this month's paper choice, featuring the new "Swan Lake" workshop kit and matching products from CTMH!  Wowzas!  My scrapbook club members created two layouts (four pages) and three cards.  Seriously.  Adorable.  The two layouts came from the Swan Lake Workshop Kit (included in links below) and I came up with the cards.  Okay don't bug me right now...I've gotta go make more cards!  LOL!

This layout is super simple...take two base page sheets, add a 4x12 strip along the top, a 1/2x12 border below, and then two 6x10 rectangles as photo mats.  I printed six photos, each in a 3x4 size (I'll share how to do that below), and that added some fru-fru and cutesie stuff to finish it off.  That's the beauty of CTMH products...the papers have matching complements and stickers, and when you buy just ONE $26.95 workshop kit, you get it ALL.  Makes creating cute artwork an absolute breeze.  :)

This is the left page, simple...with the highlight being the photos (as they should be in all your layouts).  I added a 2x5 piece of cardstock and stuck on the 'blessed' stickers from the Complements pack.

Right page, finished off with journaling.  This month I'm taking some time to talk and teach about the importance of adding the story.  I see many scrapbookers who don't like to journal or don't feel like they're good at it, so they just dates and basic details and call it good.  But think about this...what do you want people to know/remember about the pictures when you aren't around to tell them?  Those are the things to include in your journaling.  Add thoughts, feelings, background info, funny stories or events that happened behind the scenes.  Anything that will spark a memory and/or engage your reader is perfect to add.

This layout is especially meaningful to me, as my dad shared these two photos in tribute to my mother, his wife, who passed away after less than 7 years of marriage and five kids later.  I noted in my journaling that although the family picture on the right was old, faded, scanned/copied and not very clear, it was an absolute treasure because it's the last picture I have of our family before my mother passed away.  Guess what?  Sometimes it's okay to put in less-than-stellar pictures, especially if that's all you have.  The photo and the memory is important.

How cute is this couple?  I was only three when my mother passed away, but I sure would have liked to get to know her longer and build some memories with her.

Yes that's me with the dark hair and pigtails sitting by my mother.  I'm so thankful to have this very old, but very wonderful picture in my possession!  :)

Lastly, here are the three cards we created.  Quick tip if you like to conserve paper.  Instead of making a standard 4-1/4 x 5 1/2" card, where you can cut two from one 12x12 sheet of paper, make the finished card size 4 x 5-1/2" instead (only 1/4" smaller on one side).  It won't really be noticeable, will still fit nicely in the envelope, AND you will be able to get three cards from one sheet instead of just two.  I do this all the time.  Cut one end of your paper at 11" and set aside the 1x12 strip.  Then turn the paper once so that you are now looking at the 12" side, and cut it into three 4x11 strips, then fold in half to make your card base.  That's it!

The first card on the left is simply a 4x6 Picture My Life "Hello" card from the workshop kit paper, trimmed down to fit on the card front (size is 3-3/4 x 5-1/4).  The center card is a 4x6 white Picture My Life card from the workshop kit, trimmed down to match the card front size of 4 x 5-1/2, then layered down the center with two zip strips from the paper, and finished off with three flower stickers with white enamel circles (all came in the workshop kit!).  The card on the right has a gold heat-embossed star and 'Noel' stamped from the October Stamp of the Month set.  Cute and easy card!

Links to Products Used: