Saturday, May 27, 2017

"Little Dreamer" May Club Project (Star Album)

This project has been around for a while, so I thought it would be fun to resurrect it with some of Close To My Heart's brand new papers from "Little Dreamer".  This album is easy and fun to make, and uses lots of bright colors of your choice.  I love this paper because it's perfect for this time of year...GRADUATION!  Add some of your favorite graduate's photos and present it as a gift, tie it open and use it as a table display, or whatever strikes you.  The colors are bright and fun and it will be a cherished keepsake.

You'll see from the photos that there are three outside layer, a middle, and a front (the open, decorated part).  The basics of this album are that you'll need nine sheets of 12x12 paper...three for the outside layer, three for the middle, and three for the front.  The outside layer pieces are 6x12; middle layer pieces are 10x12, and the front layer pieces are 8x12.  After cutting, fold them in half to make 6x6, 5x6, and 4x6 folds, then layer them inside each other, into six different sets.  Then you'll adhere ONLY the outside edges of each set together.  When all six sets are adhered along the edges, then glue the sets together to form your album.

The photos below show the album closed, open, and then tied open fully to show the 'star' shape, as well as a photo of each page in the order I put them in my album.  The key is to decorate each front layer piece before assembling it, and be sure to use flat vs. bulky embellishments so that it will close flat.  You can add notes, photos, or whatever you'd like.  I only used products included in the "Little Dreamer" Workshops Your Way kit, which comes with all the cardstock, pattern paper, Picture My Life decorated cards, stickers, ribbon, and other embellishments shown here.  Click the link to order it from my site, or choose another workshop kit of your choice.

One of the layout pages uses our 3x4 Picture My Life cards as pockets...just adhere three of the four sides down, then take another trimmed 3x4 card and tuck it inside.  You could also tuck in some folded cash, a gift card, photo, or something else removable.  Enjoy creating this layout!  :)

P.S.  If you'd like the 3-page, full-color instructions and all cutting sizes included, simply click the link below and you can purchase the pdf instructions for ONLY $3.00. Be sure your email address is included and request 'Star Album Instructions' so I can email it to you.

$3.00 Star Album Instructions
Janene Wawro

Album Closed

Page one, 'Magical You' PML card and matching zip strips

Page two, "Today" PML card used as a removable tag, and two PML cards used as pockets

Page three, one PML card used and zip strips added for accent color

Page four, 4x6 PML card, trimmed off 1/4" from all four sides to make it a little smaller, and finished with a zip strip.

Page five, 4x6 PML card trimmed slightly (about 1/16" off all four sides) to fit nicely on the page.

Page six, 4x6 PML card cut in half, both pieces used as 3x4 page accents.

Star Album fully open and tied closed with attached ribbon.  You can staple the ribbon, add it with a brad, tuck it underneath the paper or adhere on top.  This shows off the star shape.

This shows the album partly open so you can see each layout set in the order I used, but feel free to change it up and create it any way you'd like!  :)