Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January Scrapbook Club "Just To Say" Card Kit

This month I'm changing it up for my club members!  Instead of making scrapbook pages, we are making ONLY cards!  This is from a super cute card kit called "Just to Say" that we ordered last month while it was still available.  Although it's now no longer available for purchase, the idea and assembly is cute and easy. We made the cards the same as the pattern with minor changes, and we swapped out the Color Of The Year "Sea Glass" cardstock with our beautiful Sea Glass Glitter paper.  I LOVE glitter paper and this color is even more beautiful in person. 

Check it out on my website at  Just click the search icon/magnifying glass and type in GLITTER and you'll see everything in our product line with glitter, including this gorgeous glitter paper.  :)

December Scrapbook Club "Oh Deer!"

These layouts were SO fun and SO easy, especially with the addition of the Picture My Life cards included in the kit.  They are super easy to use and really versatile for titles, accents, card fronts, journaling blocks, and more.  And every paper pack and workshop kit comes with TWO full sheets.  Watch out...I might be addicted to these!  LOL

November Scrapbook Club "City SIdewalks"

We all love Christmas, right?  This paper was SO much fun to create with - and even more because it contained both traditional and trendy holiday looks.