Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dream Pop Exclusive Papers - National Scrapbook Month!

Happy May, and Happy National Scrapbook Month, everyone!  (Yes - this IS a holiday, and one definitely worth celebrating!  With ice cream and brownies if desired.  LOL!!)

You'll fall in love with the beautiful, exclusive "Dream Pop" paper packet this month.  Best part?  It's SO affordable!  Place a $35 order and get it for just $10.  Add another $5.00 and qualify for the May pinwheel Stamp of the Month set for just $5.00 too (vs. $17.95).  Great deals in May - grab 'em both!  :)  Shop my website - in your jammies is the best - and add these beautiful items to your scrapbook and stamp supplies, both only available in MAY with this awesome holiday.  Enjoy!!  :)

May Stamp of the Month Set

Dream Pop Paper Sampling (thank you, Christina Eisenhour, for the awesome photo!)