My Scrap Space

I will continue to add photos to this section as I take them.  I love seeing other people's craft spaces and organization, so I'll add mine to it.  Keep checking back - I feel like I'm in constant cleaning and organizing mode.  LOL!
My husband is a carpenter, and he custom-built all of the shelving in my office/craft room around what I needed.  The left upper section holds books and albums; center section holds stamps and inks, and the right section holds three-drawer units of products labeled by color for easy-access.  The counter holds my Cricut and Cuttlebug, and I just roll my office chair between my counter and desk, depending on where I'm working.  The center rolling carts hold 12x12 folders containing paper themes so I can keep papers, stickers, and embellishments together.

Close-up of my stamp pad storage - I bought it online years ago.  Above it, I have labeled inexpensive bins of matching re-inkers, markers, pigment inks, etc.  Everything is right next to each other.

Close-up of the bin where I keep inks and a cardstock sample of each coordinating color family.

 There are two drawers in the center of my workspace, below my counter, where I hold all the things I grab most often.  Again, using those inexpensive bins (Walmart, Target, etc.) to hold things.  I keep adhesive, sponges, sandpaper, Washi tape, etc.

In the second drawer I have all of my 'sharp' things...all of my paper cutters, plus a bin for scissors, piercing tool, cutter blades, etc. and also rulers and measuring tools.

This is a close-up of my color bins.  Rather than sort my buttons, ribbon, sparkles, etc. by TYPE of product, I sort them by color.  I learned this from Stacy Julian years ago and it's worked great for me.  When we create, don't we say, "this needs something red here" vs. "this needs xxx specific red product right here".  When products are sorted by color, we can decide WHAT we want on our project by color and look in one spot vs. dig through our buttons, then dig through our ribbon, then dig through our sparkles, etc.  Easy!

This is my recent addition - my husband just finished building this a few months ago. 
I'm completely in love with it.  Left section:  The black boxes hold photos by year so that I can scrapbook easily.  I grab these at Michael's when they are on sale.  I have all of my organization totes here as well, along with bins and baskets for sorting.  Center Section:  As you can see, I LOVE three-drawer units.  These just work great for how my brain works.  LOL!  Each drawer is labeled with products for each month I'm teaching, so that I can find things easily.  I also hold a ton of my products here.  At the top I have really cute 12x12 display units I also picked up at Michael's that show the layouts I'm teaching for the month.  Right Section:  More bins, labeled by attaching binder clips.  I also keep extra Idea Books and all of my How-To books and guides.  The bottom baskets hold labeled zip top bags of all my cardstock and specialty papers.

Close-up of some of my drawers.  I keep all of my cardstock in a basket at the bottom right side, but I have a separate drawer for the three basic cardstock colors that I buy in bulk and use frequently...White Daisy, Colonial White, Black.  You can also see a sample of labels I have on my drawers

These fabric bins were inexpensive - Walmart of all places! - and I just printed a label and attached it with a binder clip.  I have bins for all of the cards and envelopes I buy, since I use those a ton in my card workshops.

These are the photos bins I bought, and I just labeled each by year, so that as I continue to sort and find photos, I can just tuck them into the year box.  Start with a big sort, and then you can grab each box and do a better sort.  This helps you from getting overwhelmed by such a big job sorting photos all at once.  Plus, it looks dang nice.  Ha ha!


  1. Impressive! Both the organization AND the clean room.

  2. Great set-up and layout. What are the dimensions of your craft room?

  3. Barbara it's a standard 12x12 room. :)