Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sparkle and Shine November Scrapbook Layouts!

I LOVE the "Sparkle and Shine" papers and coordinating products from Close To My Heart.  These are stunning in person, and I especially love that the holiday products are created featuring the non-traditional red and green of 'Ruby' and 'Juniper' from CTMH.

This layout is created by simply cutting strips of paper and 'dovetailing' the edges to give the look of faux ribbon.  So cute, so easy, and if you have lots of leftover paper scraps, it's a GREAT way to use up scraps too!

This is my featured scrapbook club layout for November.  I love creating layouts that are wide open so that you can put what you want, where you want it.  My club members' layouts all look so different when they add their pictures, because they have absolutely flexibility on where they want to put everything.

Left page close-up:

Right page close-up:

The title is my favorite part of the layout.  The word "Christmas" is cut straight from our Cricut cartridge (we have THREE exclusive to CTMH!), the word border is a 'zip strip' cut from the top of our B&T pattern paper, and the layered colors at the top left are black shimmer trim and red and green washi tape.  Just beautiful!

If you haven't played with Washi Tape yet, go purchase some from my website at  Click 'Shop' and type "Washi" into the search field and it'll bring up all the kinds we have.  The red chevron and green swirls both come in the same package!  The top accent comes from the Sparkle and Shine Assortment kit.  Just the right touch to finish it off.

 The bottom right accent is created by simply popping out a Dimensional Elements chipboard piece (already decorated and ready to go!), and layering it on top of a piece of white cardstock decorated with matching strips of Washi Tape.  This helps pull both sides of the layout together.  Take a large sparkle swirl, cut it in half, and place each half down on either side of the embellishment!  No bulk, and it makes it look like it's even bigger than it already is.  I'm in love with "Sparkle and Shine".  :)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Card Workshop-Sparkle and Shine!

Hey friends!  I thought you'd enjoy creating a VERY simple workshop, featuring the CTMH "Sparkle and Shine" paper pack (pattern paper and cardstock included!), matching Dimensional Elements chipboard, plus some Silver Shimmer Trim and Sparkles, and a little bit of white organdy ribbon.  It's easy because there is no stamping...the chipboard shapes are as-shown...ready to adhere!  I've included direct links to each product for quick and easy purchase, as well as the cutting sizes for each card below.  Have fun creating - enjoy and SHARE!

Janene Wawro

Sparkle and Shine Paper Packet
Sparkle and Shine Dimensional Elements-chipboard
Silver Shimmer Trim
Sparkles Clear Assortment

"Christmas Cheer" Card (Below)
Polka Dot Pattern Paper:  4 x 5-1/4
Ruby Cardstock:  1 x 4

"Holly Jolly" Card
Stripe Pattern Paper:  4 x 5-1/4
Polka Dot Pattern Paper:  3/4 x 4

"Deck The Halls" Card
Polka Dot Pattern Paper:  4 x 5-1/4
Stripe Pattern Paper:  1-1/2 x 4

"Most Wonderful" Card
Stripe Pattern Paper:  4 x 5-1/4
Polka Dot Pattern Paper:  3/4 x 4
Ruby Cardstock Mat:  2-1/2 x 5

"Glad Tidings" Card
Stripe Pattern Paper:  4 x 5-1/4
Juniper Cardstock:  1/2 x 4
Slate Cardstock Mat: 2 x 3-1/4
Ruby Cardstock Mat:  1-3/4 x 3

"Believe" Card
Ruby Cardstock:  3/4 x 4-1/4
(That's it!  The rest are chipboard!)

"Peace" Card
Stripe Pattern Paper:  1-3/4 x 4
Slate Cardstock:  2 x 3-1/2
Juniper Cardstock:  2 x 3-1/2
Ruby Cardstock:  1/2 x 2-1/4

"We Wish You" Card
Juniper Cardstock:  3-1/2 x 4
Stripe B&T:  1-3/4 x 4
Ruby Cardstock:  1 x 2
(Scallop is from chipboard!)

"Special Delivery" Card
Juniper Cardstock:  3-1/2 x 4
Stripe Pattern Paper:  1-1/2 x 4

"Noel" Card
Ruby Cardstock:  1/2 x 5-1/2 (top) & 1 x 5-1/2 (bottom)
Juniper Cardstock:  1/2 x 5-1/2

Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Frosted" Scrapbook Layouts - October Club!

Hey everyone!  I'm super excited to show you this layout because it features one of my top five favorite Close To My Heart products...Flip Flaps!  If you don't have any, have never heard of them, or if it's just been a while, check this out.  They are sheer magnificence for so many reasons!

Full layout - these colors are so lovely together!

Left layout page

Close up of title...stamped image from the "Frosted" Workshop on the Go kit, with a gorgeous sparkle cut in half and tucked behind it.  Really fun, fast and easy title!

I adore these trees and the best part is that they are 'My Stickease'...just peel and stick.  These are mounted on top of a zip strip cut from the top of our B&T pattern paper.  Freaking.  Adorable!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Chevron pattern in this paper...I would like about 20 more sheets of this please.  So cute!  

Close-up of the matching doesn't take much to tie it all together...but notice how the right side has a stickease and sparkles just like the larger, left page?  Help promote visual interest and continuity.

Here's where it gets fun!  Use two 6x12 flip flaps, adhered along the outside edge and opening in the center.  This adds a full 12x12 layout in space!  And it's always fun to have interactive elements on your pages.  Try these - they are wicked good!

This is the right page, with both flip flaps opened to reveal not just 12x12 space, but now a 12x24 space.  We just doubled the amount of room we have for our pictures.  You definitely need to incorporate these into your scrapbooking if you haven't already.  I use them all the time.
Close up of the stickease snowflake embellishments.

More stickease, with a cute stamped border featuring a stamp from the October Stamp of the Month set, available only through October 31st!

Make sure you head to my website to purchase some Flip Flaps if you don't have any.  I have tons because I use them a lot and they are musts for scrapbooking.  We have four package sizes and they are only $3.95 and $4.95 each.  That's right - they're affordable, close your jaw.  Ha ha!  Great deals for awesome products - go check 'em out right now!  They'll surely become some of your top 5 favorites too, I promise!   

Happy crafting, my friends!  Don't forget to add your name to my email list and subscribe; then you'll never miss a post!  :)

Janene Wawro

Friday, October 11, 2013

New "Huntington" Papers for Fall. LOVE!

Hello friends!  Don't you just LOVE when Fall hits?  The "Huntington" paper pack and coordinating products from Close To My Heart are magnificent for the season.  I don't use the word 'magnificent' in my vocab often, but let's be fits here!  Perfect for your family photos at the pumpkin patch, Fall Festivals, parties, and Trick or Treating.  And neutral/elegant enough to use for lovely thank you cards too.  Get them by shopping at my website in, click on 'shop' and type HUNTINGTON in the search field to bring up all the coordinating products.  Have fun and Happy Fall!


Check out this lovely layout with photo mats for at least four photos, plus additional room for journaling and more pics!

The stamp set above is stamped in "New England Ivy" ink and embellished with our awesome tan sparkles.  Yes, you can get sparkles that aren't clear or silver.  LOL!  So many pretty colors to choose from!  :)  Do you ever stamp something and say, "Now what should I do?"  Don't be afraid to add some sparkles to letters or accents within the stamped image.  Easy and cute.  And BTW (pronounced Bee-Tee-Dub for those of you without teenagers in your midst), CTMH has lots of colors of sparkles - full packs for just $2.95.  No lie.

The bottom right accent is a canvas 'stickease', exclusive to CTMH.  Just peel and stick.  Leave as-is, or add more fun things on top to layer.  I added a few sparkles, because again, I love sparkles!  :)

I love this layout because it took just minutes to assemble, and it's wide open for lots of flexibility in your pictures and journaling.  Clean lines and open space make it super easy to scrap your favorite pictures.  Or, you can just leave the pictures off for a bit and look at it.  Because it's pretty.  And scrapbookers like pretty things.  Baahaa!

Check out how adorable this title section is...layer stamped words on top of each to add an accent word layered with pop dots, and a simple accent (in this case, a painted wood button guessed it...a sparkle on top).  Many possibilities, and our titles don't always have to be flat and one piece.  Break it up for visual interest sometimes, people.  :)

Close-up of the bottom right corner accent.  How stinkin' cute are these painted, wood buttons?  And, lest you think I'm THAT talented to paint and decorate, I'm not, and I shant lead you to believe that.  (Okay, after typing the word 'lest', 'shant' just slipped out.  Sorry 'bout that.  My bad.)  But for real, how cute is this simple accent?  Add a fun sparkle on top as well, because I've done that multiple times in this month's layouts.  I may or may not be addicted to sparkles.  You decide.  :)

Happy Fall - go shop and get some fun things!  :)


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cricut/CTMH Artbooking for Halloween!

I forget to share the awesome videos from CTMH with my friends and customers following my blog.  Check out this new one for Halloween!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Cricut "Artbooking" Cartridge! Available Aug. 1st!

Hey friends!  I'm very excited to announce that on August 1st, you'll be able to purchase the newest addition to the CTMH Cricut Cartridge family..."Artbooking".  This video is only 5 minutes, but you'll be able to see how awesome this cartridge is and a sneak peek at what it can do.  Touch one button and insert the paper you want and your layout is DONE.  This is amazing - check it out and buy yours on August 1st (make a note on your calendar to shop on August 1st).  :)

New Cricut "Artbooking" Cartridge - Available August 1st!

Friday, June 21, 2013

"For Always" Card Set

Check out this adorable card set featuring the "For Always" papers from Close to my Heart.  I love ANYTHING using black and white with accent colors, so this is perfect for my taste.  The cards are clean and simple and go together very nicely.  The flower featured is from the June 2013 Stamp of the Month set, so purchase it while you can.  Love it!  The full card set is shown first, then a close-up of each individual card afterward. 

Featured colors are Black, Lagoon, Honey, and Cranberry.  Only one 5" strip was used, so you can create many cards from just one sheet of 12x12 pattern paper.  I used the exclusive CTMH Cricut Artiste cartridge to cut the sentiment swirl design and the flower, page 32 and page 33 of the booklet.  I adore these cards - have fun creating them too!  :)

Stamp sets used are:
"A Flowering Bunch" - June SOM, #S1306
"True Thank You" - (exclusive), #M1029
"A Blossom" - A1121
"The Best Things" - C1503
"Universal Backgrounds" - D1477

Happy Creating!

Janene Wawro

p.s.  I created these as a workshop set and only charged $10...that's just $1.67 per card, with leftover pattern paper AND includes the envelope.  You can't beat the price and beauty of a handmade card.  Stop buying cards at the store - for real, people.  Ha ha!

Honey, with a 5" piece of the B&T paper zip strip as the black center stripe.
 I ADORE this swirl stamp from "The Best Things" stamp set.  Looks great on everything!  A bling button in the flower center is a great final touch!
 Isn't the tiny stamped flower cute with a mini button added?  Sometimes it's the little things that count.  :)
 I like the mini swirl that complements the larger one to help offset the sentiment.  Cute and so easy.  Faux-ribbon is tucked behind the flower...just two 1" pieces of leftover zip strip, cut to look like ribbon.  You don't always have to use leaves.  LOL!
 You can take any background stamp to add flair to a plain cut shape - I used the grid stamp from "Universal Backgrounds" to add some texture to this flower, topped off with a pretty pearl adhesive button.  So cute!
 The same swirl stamp is used for each corner - just re-ink, flip, and stamp in the opposite corner.  All of the flowers in this card set are lifted with a pop dot, and the edges are sponged with matching ink to set it apart from the white background.  Simple and so pretty.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dream Pop Exclusive Papers - National Scrapbook Month!

Happy May, and Happy National Scrapbook Month, everyone!  (Yes - this IS a holiday, and one definitely worth celebrating!  With ice cream and brownies if desired.  LOL!!)

You'll fall in love with the beautiful, exclusive "Dream Pop" paper packet this month.  Best part?  It's SO affordable!  Place a $35 order and get it for just $10.  Add another $5.00 and qualify for the May pinwheel Stamp of the Month set for just $5.00 too (vs. $17.95).  Great deals in May - grab 'em both!  :)  Shop my website - in your jammies is the best - and add these beautiful items to your scrapbook and stamp supplies, both only available in MAY with this awesome holiday.  Enjoy!!  :)

May Stamp of the Month Set

Dream Pop Paper Sampling (thank you, Christina Eisenhour, for the awesome photo!)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Great Cricut Ideas!

Check out this new video from Close To My Heart.  I LOVE the mini album she created, simply by cutting shapes at a larger size and attaching with a book ring.  Easy and SO clever!  Great gift idea for Mothers' Day!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Video: Cricut Foldables!

If you haven't seen this great video, check it out for some FUN things to make with the exclusive Close To My Heart Cricut cartridges!  :)


Monday, March 18, 2013

'Claire' Card Workshop!

Check out my new workshop!  If you saw the 'La Belle Vie' cards I posted a few days ago, you'll notice's the SAME pattern, just different papers!  Look at how cute these are...I just love how they turned out.  The basic B&T pattern paper size on the front is 4 x 5-1/4, and you can choose whatever card sentiments you'd like for the card fronts, cutting your cardstock to match the saying.  Add ribbon and some pearls and you've got an adorable set of matching cards!  :)

Let me know if you have other questions - I am in love with the new CTMH 'Claire' paper and product cute!  You can see more on my website at

Friday, March 15, 2013

La Belle Vie Card Workshop

Hello friends!  Thought I'd take a few minutes to upload pictures of a recent card workshop I did.  The cutting for the pattern paper is EASY - it uses exactly one sheet of 12x12 pattern paper.  You can use any paper you'd like and any stamping sentiments...the fun part is the embellishing.  In these cards I used silver shimmer trim (love's like using ribbon, but it's sticky on the back!), blinged-out buttons, and my favorite ribbon...organza!

Happy Creating!