Friday, October 11, 2013

New "Huntington" Papers for Fall. LOVE!

Hello friends!  Don't you just LOVE when Fall hits?  The "Huntington" paper pack and coordinating products from Close To My Heart are magnificent for the season.  I don't use the word 'magnificent' in my vocab often, but let's be fits here!  Perfect for your family photos at the pumpkin patch, Fall Festivals, parties, and Trick or Treating.  And neutral/elegant enough to use for lovely thank you cards too.  Get them by shopping at my website in, click on 'shop' and type HUNTINGTON in the search field to bring up all the coordinating products.  Have fun and Happy Fall!


Check out this lovely layout with photo mats for at least four photos, plus additional room for journaling and more pics!

The stamp set above is stamped in "New England Ivy" ink and embellished with our awesome tan sparkles.  Yes, you can get sparkles that aren't clear or silver.  LOL!  So many pretty colors to choose from!  :)  Do you ever stamp something and say, "Now what should I do?"  Don't be afraid to add some sparkles to letters or accents within the stamped image.  Easy and cute.  And BTW (pronounced Bee-Tee-Dub for those of you without teenagers in your midst), CTMH has lots of colors of sparkles - full packs for just $2.95.  No lie.

The bottom right accent is a canvas 'stickease', exclusive to CTMH.  Just peel and stick.  Leave as-is, or add more fun things on top to layer.  I added a few sparkles, because again, I love sparkles!  :)

I love this layout because it took just minutes to assemble, and it's wide open for lots of flexibility in your pictures and journaling.  Clean lines and open space make it super easy to scrap your favorite pictures.  Or, you can just leave the pictures off for a bit and look at it.  Because it's pretty.  And scrapbookers like pretty things.  Baahaa!

Check out how adorable this title section is...layer stamped words on top of each to add an accent word layered with pop dots, and a simple accent (in this case, a painted wood button guessed it...a sparkle on top).  Many possibilities, and our titles don't always have to be flat and one piece.  Break it up for visual interest sometimes, people.  :)

Close-up of the bottom right corner accent.  How stinkin' cute are these painted, wood buttons?  And, lest you think I'm THAT talented to paint and decorate, I'm not, and I shant lead you to believe that.  (Okay, after typing the word 'lest', 'shant' just slipped out.  Sorry 'bout that.  My bad.)  But for real, how cute is this simple accent?  Add a fun sparkle on top as well, because I've done that multiple times in this month's layouts.  I may or may not be addicted to sparkles.  You decide.  :)

Happy Fall - go shop and get some fun things!  :)


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