Saturday, September 12, 2015

36 Minutes of Studio J!

Have you wondered about Studio J?  What is it?  How do you use it?  How hard is it do create super-cute digital layouts?  How much does it cost?  Well, if you have 36 minutes, you can watch this video and learn most of the ins and outs of using this AMAZING program from Close To My Heart.  You do NOT have to be a technie, computer whiz, or know a single thing about this program to create awesome, fast layouts in Studio J. 

After watching this video, you'll know all of the basics of using Close To My Heart's awesome Studio J program, and you'll see me create an entire layout with photos, a title, journaling, and embellishments.  If I were doing this on my own without talking or teaching, you could create this layout in less than 15 minutes, easy.  I promise!  It feels SO good to be able to create layouts really fast, and I especially like that I can create a finished layout on the SAME DAY I took the pictures, while the memories and details are fresh in my mind. 

 You don't need any supplies except you computer and an internet's free to use, no software to download, no memberships to sign up for.  Seriously people, it's free.  The only thing you pay for is the printed layout when you're ready to place an order, and as soon as you have four layouts created - you can place your order (layouts are only $.695, so basically $3.49 per page - awesome when you consider the cost of cardstock, pattern papers, photo printing, ribbons, embellishments, etc.  Not to mention the time!).  The other cool thing is the shipping is a flat fee of $5.95, so whether you order 4 layouts of 50, you can get them all in one box for just $5.95.  Oh yes, and when you order your layouts, you'll also get jpg images emailed to you of the finished layouts, so you can share them via social media, email them to family members, or save for future use.  That's just a free bonus included in the $6.95 price.  WOW!!

Just go to my site HERE and click on 'Products' and 'Studio J' to sign up with a username and password.  You can start creating your first layout in about a minute.  Woohoo!  Watch the video here, or open it in Studio J, then go try creating your first layout.  It's SO much fun, and something you and your teenagers can do to really easily. 

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