Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Oh hey...wanna earn money CRAFTING?

Yes, the title of this is accurate!  You CAN earn money sharing awesome crafting supplies from Close To My Heart...scrapbooking, stamping, cardmaking, you name it.  We are a great resource.

The month of February is an exciting one!  This month, when you sign up as a consultant, you get a $50+ bonus in the form of three FREE stamp sets...the February, March, and April SOM sets come in your waiting until the month they're featured to buy them with your order.  Get them free right now.  #lovethat

The kit is only $75 and includes products and supplies to get you started, PLUS a $50 product credit so you can shop for more fun things that YOU want.  Plus the three free SOM sets as this month's bonus.  I don't do math...I I don't know exactly what all those savings adds up to, but the kit is a steal and an awesome investment in yourself and your future income with CTMH.  LOL!

*Former consultants:  If you are a former consultant and would like to come back, there's NO waiting!  You can choose a 'no-kit' option for $50 instead of the full product kit for $75.  No kit ships, instead you just get the $50 product credit applied to your account, and they'll send you the three free stamp sets.  The $75 kit is a much better deal in my opinion, because of the goodies you get, but you do have a choice.

So come on back - I'd love to have you.  :)

Click here to check out some consultant info!

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