Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 2016 Club Projects "Charlotte"

I love pretty much every single thing about this paper!  I created everything using the "Charlotte" Workshops Your Way kit (just $26.95 - such a great deal!!)

My scrapbook club members will be creating two layouts and a matching card this month.  This is our first layout - tons of room for photos and journaling in whatever size/orientation works for your photos!

Left page layout #1

Right page layout #1

Title accent layout #1

Main accent layout #1

This is layout #2 that we're creating.  Again, I always like to create using lots of open space so my friends and customers can put their photos and journaling where THEY want it, not where I choose for them.  :)

Left page layout #2

Right page layout #2

Title accent layout #2 (this was created with a Picture My Life card included in the kit...just round corners, mount on black cardstock, and embellish!)

Corner accent layout #2

Accent right page layout #2

This is the card we're making...I'm in love with it.  It took me just a few minutes to make, because I started with a bulk white card base, added part of a Picture My Life card for the top, then used our thin cuts and matching stamps to create the flower.  Finished off by using our Tombow blending pen dipped in my stamp pad to color with a watercolor effect.  So pretty and so easy!

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