Wednesday, April 13, 2016

March 2016 Club Projects "Penelope"

I'm completely in love with the Close To My Heart PENELOPE Workshop Your Way Kit!  When you click the Penelope link above, you'll also see a link for the FREE workshop guide to download that gives you tons of ideas for creating great projects with this one kit.  LOVE THIS!  Save it to your computer for access at your fingertips for beautiful creations.  :)

This is the layout my club members created in March.  It's SO easy to assemble...there's no stamping, just paper and a great focus on the Picture My Life cards included in the kit.  Makes creating bright and embellished layouts a snap!

Left page - the entire left side of the layout is one strip of PML cards...don't cut them apart from the original sheet, just trim along one edge and attach the entire 12" length to the edge of the layout for an instant border.  :) 

The PML cards were accented with an additional zip strip along the right edge, and then a rectangle sticker from the workshop kit, and two silver glitter puffies, also included in the kit.  Simple yet very eye-catching!

Right layout page.  You'll see many elements from the left page carried over to this page...a very important thing to keep in mind for continuity in creating.  Additional PML cards were used, and additional stickers and puffies were also added.

Don't get rid of your scraps...use them!  I took some 4x8 pieces of paper left from creating another project with this kit, and folded them in half for 4x4 card bases.  Then just decorated with washi tape (included in this kit!) and one of the small 3x4 PML cards cut in half (pink woodgrain) and adhered in the center.  Stickers and puffies also came in the kit.  Stamp your saying on the front and that's it! :)

One of my all-time favorite projects...the "Squash Book".  Be watching for a video link to show on my blog on HOW to create this.  It's great because it's a WOW mini book and super easy to create...just uses three square pieces of cardstock and three folds.  THREE!  Ha ha!  Stay tuned!

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